Messed up your drywall? Been there, done that.

It would be nice to hear I am not the only person who has literally destroyed or just messed up some drywall around home.
Some disasters are easier to fix than others.
Mine was the Quijote of drywall tragedies.  My son and I carved a crater on the wall.
Replacing the whole sheet would have been easier and would have given us less headaches.  But you will see I am a positive person and hey, there is no better way of learning than from your own mistakes.
Remember:  Help is out there!  You just have to google, ask, look for DIY videos on Youtube, I mean... the help sources are all over the net for us to use them.
What is the worst thing that could happen?  That you can't fix it and have to call a professional? Well, if you take that for granted and decide to learn something new while deciding on who to call, you will have fun and enjoy the search, the shopping and the dirty hands.  Yes, you can laugh :D 

How to make small repairs on drywall?

This is what you need to have in handy:

1- Already mixed wall compound.  Powder is cheaper but the mess can be huge.
2- 10-12 inch taping knife
3- 14 inch mud pan
4-  smaller putty knives for details.

I am going to share a post by another Texan, Miranda Anderson.  Here, she gives us advice about how to make a textured wall smooth.  But this is the same process I followed to repair the crater.
Yes, it took us time, patience and a few trips to the store, but the skills and knowledge I acquired while doing it, are now priceless for my Interior Design small business.

My advice is to try first with undiluted compound and see how well you work with it.  Some brands are thicker than others.

Did you think this was my only drywall destruction? There is more.  And I will share some pictures on another post.


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