Spring means many different things to different people. 

For some, it is the time of the year for that thing called "Spring Cleaning".  For others, Spring means renewal, the start of a beautiful, new time to do more things and spend time outdoors.

In Valencia, the land of my parents, Spring and renewal are celebrated every year with the Fallas de San José, a big holiday where Valencia hosts one of the most impressive traditions in Europe.  Declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity, this is something I´d recommend you to see at least once.
Valencia spends a whole week celebrating and although it is getting really crowded lately, it is still worth visiting.

For more information, you can visit their website Fallas de Valencia

At home, we thank God for sunny days, green leaves and flowers all around.  It is good to open our windows and let the sun illuminate our houses.

The need for more vibrant, happy and bright colors is real and we can´t wait to wear them.  And also, to see them around our homes.

But it is true not all of us can afford having an interior designer or decorator coming over every season to give us advice and turn our rooms into new spaces, that is why websites offering ideas and suggestions on where to shop and which things are experts using in their designs are so valuable for us.

I´d like to give a tip, now that I have just finished some projects that inspired me.

If you are thinking about replacing a big piece of furniture, like a sofa, go for neutral colors.  And also, to have more decorating options, avoid filling up the space with a huge sectional.
This choice will leave you room, budget and visual space to get creative and dare going even a little bit edgy.
Here are a few examples of colors you can mix with grays and beige.  Adding a colorful club chair, a mid-century modern side table or a beautiful rug will make a statement for sure.

With the biggest piece being neutral, you can play with texture and pattern.

Just give it a try!


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