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Messed up your drywall? Been there, done that.

It would be nice to hear I am not the only person who has literally destroyed or just messed up some drywall around home. Some disasters are easier to fix than others. Mine was the Quijote of drywall tragedies.  My son and I carved a crater on the wall. Replacing the whole sheet would have been easier and would have given us less headaches.  But you will see I am a positive person and hey, there is no better way of learning than from your own mistakes. Remember:  Help is out there!  You just have to google, ask, look for DIY videos on Youtube, I mean... the help sources are all over the net for us to use them. What is the worst thing that could happen?  That you can't fix it and have to call a professional? Well, if you take that for granted and decide to learn something new while deciding on who to call, you will have fun and enjoy the search, the shopping and the dirty hands.  Yes, you can laugh :D  How to make small repairs on drywall? This is what you need to have

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Spring, Easter and St. Patrick's Day...  Not in that order, obviously, all that matters is that 3 Holidays are upon us and when you look at the calendar it seems that they will come all of the sudden and all in group. Warmer, sunny days make us happy, and green is anyway one of the most soothing colors we can choose. Either if you have green decorating details or if you are just enjoying the views out of your window, with trees starting to grow tiny leaves and flowers pop all over the place, you must agree that green is a color that inspires life, nature and purity. Some decorating ideas in green: 

Study and Inspiration. Ready for Spring break?

While building my own business, I keep doing research, studying and finding sources of inspiration for my work and for my life. Just so you know, I am doing my best, to deliver the best to you. Some kids are about to start Spring break and as a mom myself, I know how much things change when our little ones are home. There are things and situations only another mom can understand: backpacks on the floor, crumbles on the sofa, a jacket hanging from the staircase... We don't judge, because we have been or are still there. And a little help can actually do a lot! Changing the color of our walls, getting our home professionally cleaned, hiring a babysitter so we can have adult time... It's easier than we think.  Time is a treasure we must spend wisely, choosing the things that need to be done but also, those things we enjoy doing. Don't hesitate hiring a professional even if it's for just a little help. No job is too small :D Try  Interior Design a

Drywall... Let's be friends, ok?

We moved into a house that was a former model home.  It still had many of the features that were a trend in the middle-late nineties, and some others added by its latest owner. Those features included textured walls, mirrors... good grief, lots of huge, heavy mirrors, and designer paint around the house. Brown... all in brown tones. Dark brown, light brown, chocolate mocha brown, metallic brown.  Brown kitchen cabinets, brown walls, brown curtains... Not kidding here, whoever owned this house before us, loved brown. The day I decided to start our home renovation, I did it in the formal dining room.  It had the textured walls I disliked the most, plus crown moldings painted in antiqued gold.  Yes, gold. So... I bought some tools and got the room all ready for taking down that texture and leaving all walls smooth and nice. Before starting with the painful part, remember we moved from Spain.  And buildings in Europe are quite different. Structures are not made of wood but from b