Why, how did I get here?

Interior Design is such a beautiful, rewarding profession for sure.  And playing that role in our homes is becoming more and more popular thanks in part to some TV channels and all those websites for "DIYers" we can find all over the net.

Studying Interior Design has been one of the most awesome things I've done for myself.  With it, I haven't just discovered a new world of possibilities but also, things about me I ignored.

And this is not just a crazy decision made under the influence of too much TV.  Design has been a part of my life since I was born.

My mother was a successful Fashion Designer.  I was born and raised in a Tropical country from Spaniard parents.  She learned the job at a very early age and was really good at it.  So good she even sent some of her designs to Miss Universe in the late 80's.

Growing up surrounded by colors, textures, patterns and fashion magazines has a lot to do with this, I bet.
Also, my father was an educated man who loved all Arts: music, paintings, architecture... Thanks to him, I could give you a tour around the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain and explain lots of things about its History and treasures.

We moved to Spain when I was 16 and there I started working at my uncle's luxury furniture factory.  He owns a company dedicated to handmade, hand painted and hand decorated furniture inspired mostly on Louis XIV pieces.  There, I learned the process for making beautiful, unique furniture and also, together with his interior designers, some basic concepts about colors, ambient, light, combinations...  Lucky enough to assist them at 3 International Fairs in Valencia including Habitat, I really think Interior Design earned a place in my heart during those years.

Skipping non relevant parts, I will go to my last job in Spain, as the right hand to the President of one of the most relevant ceramic tile companies in Spain.  Even though my job was to assist the President on different duties, I had the opportunity to know about Ceramic Design, Interiors, and once again, enjoy International Fairs like Cevisama in Valencia, Spain.

Working together with recognized Italian and Spanish designers was like a dream.  I learned so many different things during those years and enjoyed every single day working with my boss, who is now one of my best friends.

Together with all that, I married an Engineer 18 years ago.  And he is now in charge of Product Development at the biggest ceramic tile company in the world.  

His job is the reason why we moved to Texas in 2012 and the reason why I haven't lost contact with the latest trends in Interior Design, materials and people who work in this field.

Once my kids have reached ages where I can dedicate more time for myself and the things I like, the decision was clear: I needed to make a dream come true and I started studying Interior Design.

Well... before that I must admit our current house had to suffer my ignorance on the American way for building homes, materials and floor plans.

If you think you have done some mistakes in the past, buckle up because I am pretty sure you will have a fun ride along my adventures as DIYer.


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